I agree that while I am on tour with New Zealand Educational Tours Limited ("NZET") I will:

A. Obey the NZET rules (as summarised in the NZET Booking Terms and Conditions and as directed by the Tour Manager and Tour Assistants).  I understand that if I break any rules or engage in conduct that could jeopardise the well-being of myself or others, I cannot continue the tour and will be sent back to my host family at my own cost with no refund from NZET. (University Students will be asked to leave the tour with no refund from NZET).

B. Not to consume, possess or purchase any alcoholic beverages (This excludes University Students) or illegal drugs. I understand that if I break this rule, I will be sent back to my host family immediately at my own cost with no refund from NZET. If I am found with drugs the New Zealand Police will be notified.

C. Get my natural parents to sign the High Risk Activities Permission Form and provide it to NZET before I  participate in Bungy Jumping, Skydiving or any other high-risk activity, even if I am covered by my insurance. (This excludes University Students)

D. Speak English at all times (except when I am on my own with someone from my own country) (This excludes University Students)



In these terms and conditions a reference to "NZET" or "we" is a reference to New Zealand Educational Tours Limited. A reference to "you" is a reference to the student or tour participant.


Payment is to be made by credit card, we accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

Not Included in the Price


Where you request flights, NZET will book the best possible flights through Air New Zealand. If there are no seats available through Air New Zealand, NZET will book the best possible seats through an alternative Airline. IMPORTANT: A $20 booking fee is charged for this service, this is added to the total cost of your flights.

Please note: Once we receive your request to book flights we will do so. All flight costs are payable by you. Flight costs cannot be refunded by NZET.

On average, flight costs range between $200-$300 from main airport centers. If you are flying from a smaller airport flight costs are likely to be $300 - $500.


All cancellations must be received in writing and are subject to a cancellation fee. The written cancellation must be signed by your host parent or course co-ordinator. (University Students must provide a signed letter for any cancellations.)

If you cancel your place on a tour:

Transferring Tours

If you wish to transfer to another tour and there is space available there will be an administration charge of $10.

Itinerary Variations

NZET reserves the right to vary the itinerary with no additional charge or refund to you where circumstances beyond NZET's control  make changes necessary (eg. cancellation of activity due to weather, breakdowns).

NZET reserves the right, without payment of compensation, to require you to withdraw from or leave the tour, if in the opinion of NZET representatives, your behaviour or  physical or mental condition may endanger the health, safety, interests or welfare of yourself or others.

NZET is under no obligation to refund money to you where:

NZET Rules

NZET Rules and the Laws of New Zealand apply at all times. If you are found breaking NZET's rules or New Zealand law, you wil be sent back to your host family at your own cost with no refund from NZET.

The NZET Rules are summarised below and may be amended from time to time at the discretion of NZET. The applicable NZET Rules will be outlined by your Tour Manager at the commencement of your tour.

Permission Forms

You will need written permission from your natural parents to join an NZET tour and to participate in optional activities. Your parents need to complete and submit the permission form before the start of the tour. This is an NZET requirement to participate in optional activities. (This excludes University Students)

Lost Property

Please name property and keep valuables on your person or locked away. NZET will dispose of any property that is left or returned to NZET and not claimed within 3 months from completion of your tour.

Facebook/Photo Waiver

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, any photographs taken on tour by NZET staff or provided to NZET by you, including photographs with you in them, may be used by NZET for promotion work and advertising, including website, Facebook and other media.

Personal Responsibility

NZET and its representatives take all practicable steps to identify and minimise potential dangers for all participants on tour. However, to the extent permitted by law, NZET its staff and management do not accept any liability for any accident or injury to you or your property.

We reserve the right to withdraw you from an activity if, in our opinion you are likely to endanger yourself or others. We also reserve the right to cancel any activity if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of any other person.

You must notify the Tour Manager or another NZET representative if you are concerned for your safety while on tour.

NZET is NOT responsible for: