This is why we do what we do...
This is why we do what we do...
27 May 2016

When a tour finishes we receive the most amazing and inspiring comments from our students. These comments are the reasons why we love what we do!


"I really enjoyed the tour! Thank you very much, I had a great time, saw amazing things, had lots of fun and learned new things! Thanks!" International student (April 2016)


"Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable trip!" Argentinian student (April 2016)


"Choose NZET, you guys are the best!" Hungarian student (April 2016)


"The tour managers were amazing, they were really nice and we learnt a lot about the Maori culture which was so interesting."  German student (April 2016)


"Best holiday in my life!  Thank you!"  Finnish student (April 2016)


"Allan - Thank you for inviting us to become a big family. I've loved all your games and guidance through New Zealand!

You and the rest of the crew have made this trip as awesome and as good as it possibly could get."    Emma & Maja - International students (September 2015)


"Dear Allan, thank you for making this trip AWESOME! I'll never forget this experience. I felt like part of a really big family. You're such a cool guy, keep it up!

Thank you...we will miss you!"   Nina - German Student (September 2015)

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