This is the Privacy Policy of New Zealand Educational Tours Ltd (NZET)



NZET collect personally identifiable information. Providing this information will always be optional for you. However, some services may not be available to you if you chose not to provide it.

Personal Information could be collected through a number of ways:

- email
- social Media
online Interactions
when buying a Tour from us
with approved service providers
surveys and Forms
through the NZET app
- location data

The NZET app uses your location data to display relevant maps and tours to you. Your location data is neither transmitted to NZET nor stored on the NZET servers. You may turn off the location features under the settings page of the app.

From time to time, NZET may run contests or other promotions. If you participate, NZET may request your name, mailing address, email address and other information in order to administer the promotion. When you submit a request, review or comment to our customer service department, NZET may ask you for your email address.

NZET also collect aggregated data. This information is generated by our systems as they track traffic through our sites. This information does not identify you personally and is not linked to the personally identifiable information that you may have provided.

How do we use the information?

We may use the data:

- to verify your identity if you need help with a forgotten password, or you are having logon difficulties with any of our site services.
- to better shape the tour to fit your needs and expectations
- to take your bookings for tours
- to book flights if you have chosen to book through us 
- to communicate with families during tours if needed
- to ensure you come prepared for your tour 
- to quickly resolve and manage any issues
- to book on your behalf with approved service providers
- to help you locate places while on your tour


Who do NZET share this information with?

NZET will not share the information that NZET collect with any third parties. The information may be hosted with a service provider. Our agreements with them protect the information that NZET collect from any use by them that NZET have not authorised.

The aggregated data (not the personally identifiable information) may be shared with third parties such as advertisers or business partners.

How do NZET use the information?

When you register, complete a form or participate in any contest or promotion on our website, NZET may use the information you provided to us to send you email or regular mail from us regarding products, services or other contests and promotions that NZET think may be of interest to you.

From time to time NZET may aggregate your information, analyse trends, preferences, and demographics. NZET may use the information for other purposes with your prior permission.

How do NZET use "cookies"?

"Cookies" are small pieces of information stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Cookies do not contain personally identifying information. It does provide details of your IP address, the computer platform that you use (eg Mac or Windows), the browser that you use (eg Microsoft Explorer or Netscape) and what domain you are accessing our sites from. With this information NZET can do the following:

  1. Track traffic patterns to our site.
  2. Ensure that the most relevant content is being shown.
  3. Allow you to enter certain site member services without having to log in each time you visit.

Most web browsers are set up to accept cookies; you can usually change your browser settings to refuse cookies. You will still be able to visit our sites with cookies disabled.

Google Advertising

NZET may use cookies to collect data for Google remarketing purposes for online advertising. NZET make every effort to abide by all Google Advertising policies. Third-party vendors, including Google, may show our ads across other sites on the Internet.

Cookies stored by your browser may be used by third-party vendors, including Google, to show you ads based on your previous website activity, including visits to our website

GDPR regulations

If you would like us to remove all stored electronic data in compliance with GDPR regulations, please contact our team, and NZET will remove your records as soon as possible.

Data Protection Policy

About this policy:

This statement sets out the essential details relating to the data we collect, the uses made of it and your rights in relation to the data collected.

What data we collect:

As part of our tour booking process, we collect names and email address of natural parents of students booking our scheduled tours, the names, dates of birth, email address and mobile phone numbers of students booking tours, and the names and addresses and contact numbers of the students’ host parents in New Zealand. We also have access to credit card numbers which are stored on the website of our credit card payments agent. We do not store credit card numbers within our office.

We also compile a list of emails and contact details for schools hosting international students in New Zealand.

When we have inbound special interest groups, we collect their names, passport number and dates of birth of the members of the group and accompanying tour leaders.

Why NZET collect this data:

NZET collect this data so that we have means of communication with parents, host parents, students and schools, and in the case of credit cards, so that we can charge additional costs for flights, activities or other unexpected items to those cards. In the case of the special interest groups, the data is stored in case of emergencies.

What do NZET  use the data for:

See above. Without this data NZET cannot provide the high level of service NZET wish to provide to all our stakeholders. NZET do not forward data to third parties except for operational purposes e.g. names and ages to our suppliers so that appropriate rates are charged.

On occasions NZET may use some email addresses to sample opinions on our business performance.

NZET do not use email or mobile numbers for marketing purposes nor to transfer to other countries.

Data retention:

NZET keep your personal data only as long as necessary to provide deliver our tours and for legitimate and essential business purposes, such complying with our legal obligations, and resolving disputes.

Where NZET are required to retain the personal data for our legal, tax, audit, and accounting obligations, NZET will retain the necessary personal data for the period required by applicable law.

Your rights:

You have the right to see your personal data kept by us, to have it edited or permanently deleted. NZET will comply provided it does not infringe our legal responsibilities.

Can NZET change this policy?

In order to reflect the fact that our business is growing constantly, NZET reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Please refer to Last Updated


If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with New Zealand Educational Tours, you can contact us.

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