The best time to visit New Zealand is....
The best time to visit New Zealand is....
5 February 2016

Anytime.................. it really depends on what you want to do when you get here.

Hate crowds: Avoid January, February and November.

Love the snow: Come in July, August and early September

Garden tours:    November and early December are the best times

Photography your thing...anytime.

Summer - December, January, February

The beautiful Pohutakawa tree heralds the start of summer when its distinct crimson flowers arrive.  This is the time for BBQs, boating, swimming, hiking, or biking on some of the many cycle trails on offer throughout the country. Temperatures can range from 10-35 degrees (50 - 100 F).

Autumn/Fall -  March, April, May

The air cools down, visitors leave and yet the settled warm weather of March makes it an ideal time to tour. The South Island is stunning with the leaves gradually changing colour from April through to May. Temperatures range from 6 - 20 degrees (42 - 70 F) over this time.

Winter - June, July August

Perfect time to travel if you love the snow, and if you want to explore New Zealand when it is quiet. Guided hikes in some parks do not run in Winter and some water activities do not run.  Don't forget there are  hot mineral pools all over the country to warm you up after a cold winters day. Click here to see our Winter ski Tour.

Spring - September, October, November

We love spring, bouncing lambs, colourful daffodils, many different shades of green, all add to New Zealand's stunning vistas. This is a great time to visit New Zealand, the clocks spring forward, the sun stays up longer, the asparagus and strawberries are delicious and the bulk of the tourists are yet to arrive. Temperatures range from 5 - 20 degrees (40 - 70F)

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